Patient Safety

Medical Errors and Harm Are Real

Few will doubt the destructive, life-long impacts of medical errors and harm on patients and their families. These stories are not just statistics. They are from real people just like you and me.

The Patients' Channel - from YouTube

These are patients’ presentations about medial errors and harm as well as their views and perspectives on how to make the medical system better for every one. Take a look at the videos; they are inspiring.

Web M&M by U.S. DHHS, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

There are many helpful information and statistics on this government website that help you educate yourself about patient safety issues.

Patient Information from The Empowered Patient Coalition

The Empowered Patient Coalition has created a lot of useful information on how to empower yourselves as patients and how to protect you and your loved ones from potential medical harm. Take these factsheets and checklists with you when you go to hospitals and visit doctors’ offices.

Patient Safety Checklists from

Here is another set of helpful safety checklists for patients. created from Mothers Against Medical Errors (MAME)

A list of individuals and organizations devoted to health care safety, quality and support around the U.S.

Taking Actions on Patient Safety; It is Everyone's Safety

Here is a list of patient safety advocacy networks around the country. You can learn about the issues they are advocating and read some very informative newsletters. Take the initiative to advocate for Your Safety.