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Xingxun’s Story

Xingxun’s Story — First, do no harm. Recently, CMS reviewed the properness of giving Diamox to my Dad, considering his medical conditions. After reviewing hospital records and medical literature, CMS determined that the care provided did not meet the professionally recognized standard of care. Here are the determinations: “Medical records showed that the off-label use […]

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Kimberly Yang’s Story

On February of 2010, my father at the age of 89, was admitted to the local hospital for an evaluation because he started showing signs of slight confusion. At his admission, he was in a fairly good state of health. He did not have any serious life threatening illness. However, he suddenly died at the […]

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Karie Turnage-Fugate’s Story

My son, Mark David Turnage, Jr., died at Valley Medical Center (VMC), in Renton, Washington due to a horrendous amount of hospital preventable adverse events – ERRORS that could have been prevented and Mark would be alive today. Mark was 30 years old when he passed away and had so much life left to live. […]

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Jaycie Giraud’s Story

My mother Thelma Jean Robinson died on 1-8-2009 in Tacoma General Hospital’s new Cardiac ICU that had been open for less than 6 weeks. She was given the wrong medication by an incompetent, unqualified nurse on a holiday weekend in ICU on Jan 2nd 2009 at 3:08 am. Nurse Wendy skipped every basic safety rule […]

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Harry Fox’s Story

My story is about the failure of professional caregivers to properly treat a patient with Addison’s Disease (a rare disease.) It is a disease so dangerous that doctors (and the National Institute of Health) advise sufferers to always carry identification stating their condition in case of an emergency and when traveling, to carry a needle, […]

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