Our Accomplishments

List of major accomplishments by Washington Advocates for Patient Safety


  1. State Legislative Efforts: We educate state legislators and the general public on various patient safety issues that matter to Washington State We also testify before state House and Senate healthcare committees on behalf of patients and consumers. Much of this work has been done in partnership with Consumer Unions Safe Patient Project. In particular, we:
  • Successfully stopped a bill that would have removed the existing state requirement to report infections involved with hip and knee surgeries as well as cardiac surgeries
  • Supported a bill to establish a state all-payer claims database to track the quality of care
  • Successfully stopped a bill that would shield doctors who commit unprofessional conducts from being reported to the public
  • Supported a bill that would increase nurse-to-patient ratio
  • Constantly promoting legislation to protect patients and their safety
  1. To bring patients’ and public’s voices into the medical policy decision-making process, our members are currently serving on various state and federal committees as well as other patient safety organizations:
  • Patient Safety Standing Committee, National Quality Forum (NQF)
  • Consumer representative, FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Patient representative on the Communications and Resolution Program Oversight Subcommittee (CRP)
  • Teaching faculty for AHRQ TeamSTEPPS Program
  • Teaching faculty on University of Washington Train the Trainer Project
  • Patient advocates on University of Washington CPAT program
  • Public member on Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Committee
  • Patient member on Medical Device Epidemiology Network Initiative (MDEpiNet)
  • Public member on Washington State Healthcare Acquired Infection Advisory Committee
  1. We do presentations on various patient safety topics at senior centers, the UW Medical School, Shoreline Nursing School, and other venues.  Please ask us to do a presentation for your group.
  1. We do “Patient Safety through Art” at local street fairs. This provides us opportunities to get connected with the public and raise the awareness on patient safety.
  2. As a member of Consumer Unions Safe Patient Project Network, we have participated in several of their annual workshops and worked together on both state and federal legislative issues to protect patients.
  3. As a member of the National Center for Health Research, we have participated in the patient safety workshops and submitted many joint letters to FDA to represent patients’ perspectives on federal policies that effect medical device and medication safety.


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