Washington Advocates for Patient Safety is a non-profit, grass-root organization, connected with the network of Consumers Union Safe Patient Project and other patient safety advocacy groups in the nation. Every member of our organization is either a survivor or has lost a loved one to preventable medical errors. We are turning our loss into action, advocating for patient’s rights and safety. Our goals are to be the voice of patient, to eliminate medical errors and harm, and to save more lives. Together, we can do better.

Our mission is to promote accountability, quality, safety, and responsibility in patient care. Our goals are to advocate for:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Quality healthcare and medication safety
  • Prevention of Hospital-associated infections
  • Medical device safety
  • Patient’s rights to be informed of all treatment risks and choices
  • Better communications between patients and medical professionals
  • Health care transparency and accountability
  • Patient education and advocacy

We invite you to join us in our efforts to save more lives. We also welcome your suggestions and comments.

To contact us, please send e-mail to WaPatientRights@gmail.com.